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Hello guys ,my name is selina,i am from Ethiopia,here in Ethiopia Amharic is our official language, of course any foreigner can contact any office using English or any other languages but its good to learn local languages to know the culture and create intimation with the society, Amharic is my first language and i have experience teaching this language peoples online so would love to teach you to know Amharic language very well. so let me know if you are interested to learn. my email address is selamgashaw30@gmail.com or contact me over phone +251928409238.

evelyn u

evelyn u


Hello kids! This is teacher Evelyn from Philippines. If you are looking for a very patient and down to earth teacher and sister thats me. I am a graduate of Master in Education major in teaching and I thought Secondary High school for 3 years and then shift to teaching elementary grade for 8 years in our government. Teaching children is hard but its an accomplishment if someone learned from me because I know that they will have that learning until forever..




I am Zuralla Angela E. Cuajao. Stay at home mom and have two kids.Honestly i didn't finish my college degree because of some personal reason,I'm a college undergraduate but i'm willing to teach Cebuano language or Bisaya language because i'm a pure Bisaya or Cebuano. I live in the Philippines and i love to teach Cebuano language and Tagalog language, I am good in English language too. To those who wants to learn Cebuano,Tagalog and English languages just email or contact me so i can prepare. I make sure you will learn my languages.That's all. Thank you.




Hi, Im Rachel. I graduated Bachelor in Secondary Education from the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University. I am a licensed teacher and a Master of Arts in Education graduate. I have 5 years of teaching in college and I have been teaching in high school for 12 years now.I also have an experience teaching English online to Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese students from ages 4 to 68. As an online English teacher, I make sure that my students learn in a fun and interactive environment.

Jose Felix

Jose Felix


Mi misin es: Elevar el estado mental de las personas para maximizar su performance en cualquier área corporativa, artstica, deportiva, poltica, militar, etc.. Por más de 20 aos he llevado a mis clientes a un nivel de excelencia.Lo he comprobado de forma práctica obteniendo un rendimiento muy superior en diferentes áreas como el cine, la nutricin, psicologa, liderazgo, pedagoga, PNL, marketing, periodismo, acting coach la escritura y la oratoria entre otras.




Hi. My name is Djabarou. You can just call me Djab. My native language is French. I would be proud to help learn French, either you are beginner or not. I like teaching and I will be happy to talk to people from other countries




Im Protick. I just finished my graduation. And i have the experience how to teach people, cause Im a private tutor. And sometimes i teach in a primary school as a proxy teacher. Im quite a good listener and i like to teach. Actually i love to teach.




I completed a Trinity certificate in TESOL in October 2017 and I am highly motivated to expand my skills as an educator which nowadays have to include online teaching. During my training I had the opportunity to teach A2 and B1 level classes while being monitored and assessed by qualified teacher trainers whose feedback I used to improve my capabilities. I am currently teaching in a Thai state school on behalf of Mediakids Academy.




Hi I am Shela Mae. I am not just a teacher, but a friend! I am 23 years old. I am currently living in Philippines. I am a professor and I have been studying law for about 6 years in a university. I am a license Criminologist.I have 2 years experience in teaching English online. I can handle kids and adults from beginners to intermediate and so on. I have been dealing with many kinds of books, such as IELTS, Business English, Books for Kids and etc. Teaching is my passion, so if you want to learn or if you need advises or if you need someone to help you with your communication skills, let me help you with that. If you want to work on with your grammar skills or fluency, speed, and pronunciation, you just need to book me. I assure you that every class will be fun and engaging! See You!




Hi, I am Teacher Erin and I am here to help you learn the English language. I am currently teaching the English subject to high school students. I have also experienced teaching English as a Second Language to foreign learners like Korean and Japanese. I believe that if you are truly determined to do something, nothing can stop you from pursuing it. I also learn from my students as I help them learn the English language.